Our Classes

Our Classes
  • Toddler Class

    Children between ages 1-2 years are toddlers. Here, toddlers get to learn new skills. They gain muscle control, balance, and coordination through a variety of activities like scribbling, colouring, painting, singing etc. Each new skill allows them to progress to the next level thereby building on a foundation that leads to a more complicated physical task such as jumping, kicking a ball, running etc. Potty training begins here and parents are encouraged to cooperate with teachers for a successful potty training.

  • Pre-Nursery

    This class accommodates children that are 2 years old and above. Learners continue to develop fine motor skills, gross motor skills, and sensory skills. This age group is exposed to lots of reading and storytelling so that their comprehension skills can be enhanced. Lots more is being achieved in this class.

  • Nursery Class

    Learning in our Nursery class for 3-year-olds is really structured. They begin to learn letter formation, blending, tricky words, diagraphs which helps them read simple words and sentences by the end of Nursery class. All early years’ pupils learn with themes.

    Numerical activities such as counting, ordering, classifying and writing of numbers are broadened. Learning here is hands-on with lots of play incorporated.

  • Reception Class

    The Reception Class is the last stage in the Early Years phase. Reception class accommodates children that are between 4-5 years of age. Every child leaving the Reception class into Year1 must have attained all the milestones for 0-5 years. The ability to read age-appropriate level books is one of the performance indicators showing readiness to tackle the challenges in the Primary.


  • Primary: Year 1-6


  • Secondary: Year 7


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