About Us

A warm welcome once again. We are excited to have you enrolled with us. Glowing Ages Academy is a renowned institution, strategically located and intentional about providing outstanding quality educational services from early years to secondary sections. At Glowing Ages Academy, our high, but realistic, expectations of our learners are profound, thereby enabling them to thrive and flourish in all facets of life.

Our learning environment exudes warmth, love, passion, and above all excellence. Our learners are courteous, and all our teaching and administrative staff are committed to the goal of the school. We understand that our learners are future leaders, so we groom them to be responsible global citizens. After almost 10 years of running an outstanding Primary Education Service, Glowing Ages Academy has commenced her secondary section starting with Year 7. This initial Year 7 class is the pioneer set to have graduated having gone through both our Early Years and Primary Education. We are glad to absorb them as the 1st set in our secondary school.

Our Vision

"To graduate well-rounded students, whose confidence, resilience and academic skills enable them to compete and excel in any arena".

Our Mission

"GAA will provide top quality learning in a culture of excellence and graduate resilient well rounded students, who value diversity, celebrate individuality, and explore their innate creativity".

Our Core Values


Cheating, engaging in malpractices, bullying and other negative vices are shunned. Rather, our learners choose to be driven by honesty and sincerity.

Team Work

The whole essence of grooming learners, is to become functional entities within their futurework space.


Knowing that without discipline, excellence cannot be achieved. Therefore, our learners are raised with discipline.


This transcends the four walls of the classroom. Emphasis is on grooming our learners with the right skills of taking responsibility and being self-reliant.


Seeing other people's pain, experiencing it with them and then creating a solution to such problems makes our learners impact their community positively.

We are Glowing Ages Academy

Driving the 21st Century Generation of Education, making a difference. We are conscious of the demands of Gen Z & Alpha; hence, building a curriculum around their needs is critical to our growth.

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