Glowing Ages Academy, Abuja

The Curriculum

Early Years

Our Early Years caters for children between 2-5 years i.e. Pre-Nursery to Reception Class. We follow the Early Years Foundation Framework which sets the best standard to ensure that children have the best start in life. It also ensures the holistic development of children.

Our thematic style of teaching coupled with the EYFS curriculum ensures that learning and development of an individual child is enhanced through the 7 learning areas.

The characteristics of effective learning is evident as children play and explore, experience hands-on learning and are able to be creative and think critically.

Cambridge Primary Curriculum

Our quest for excellence sets us apart from our counterparts. We are a Cambridge International School. Cambridge is an internationally recognized institution with its wide range of support for both teachers and learners. It offers a world-class curriculum to develop learner's skills, provide integrated assessment for checking learner's development and feedback to parents.

In the Primary, the Cambridge curriculum is followed with Math, English, and Science only. Considering our Nigerian environment, the inclusion of the Nigerian curriculum cannot be undermined. This enables pupils to be adequately prepared for external examinations into secondary school.

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